Records maintenance

You need to maintain a record of how much you have been spending in a week or a month on your household expenses or on your job meetings and entertaining your prospects during meetings for which you will be paid by your company and you are too busy to do all this because you have more important work to do like attend meetings or take a little time for yourself and relax ,

Livemore virtual assistants do the record maintenance on your expenses, On how many more customers are left for the delivery of the order, Or how many sales have you been able to do in that particular month.Maintain a record of all the regular customers, how much you are spending on hospital or on pleasure trips etc.

all of which are petty tasks but will require a lot of time to be spent which you cannot afford due to your busy schedule or a desire to relax a little at the end of the day can be given to your virtual assistant and you can suit yourself as to how you will make use of the time you have just saved.

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