Creating spreadsheets

We at LMVA help you in creating spread sheets on various aspects

For example you need to make a spread sheet with information like

  • List of tourist places and the special and unique features of that place to plan a holiday with your family.
  • List of schools with addresses and contact names and numbers so you can make a business deal.
  • Addresses and contact numbers of people. Your client’s name and address, their order and the last date of delivery
  • List of clients and their email addresses.
  • Your clients name and address, their order and the last date of delivery

Various other things which will consume a lot of time and keep you from concentrating on other matters which will bring you money.

You can use your assistant to do this for you while you search for new prospects or develop new strategies to increase your market.

You do not have enough time to do that as you are very busy doing other important administrative tasks you can turn in the work to your assistant and have the work done while you are dealing with other business issues.

You just need to take a look at the data we gathered and avoid wasting time in doing those tasks and use the time for a more important issue which needs your attention and cannot be dealt by some one else.

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