Welcome to LiveMore Virtual Assistants

Does the idea of spending more time on important things appeal to you? Do you dislike working long hours trying to do everything yourself? Dread the thought of having to hire an expensive assistant who may not work as efficiently as you can?. LiveMore Virtual Assistants is a Canadian company with assistants located in India offering busy people and/or companies personal virtual assistants at an affordable rate. Having a personal assistant with LMVA is a cost-effective dependable solution to delegate time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on what is important to you. All virtual assistants are located in India. Each assistant is a university graduate with excellent English communication skills.


“Working with LMVA is like a dream come true for my business. Ever since I read “The Four-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris I have been looking for a great solution to managing my busy work day. I am so happy with this service. I am just hoping it does not get too swamped with people who discover it as it rivals any I have tried in the last ten years…and that added up to a lot!”
-Melissa Giovagnoli,
CEO, Author and Speaker, Melissa Giovagnoli, Networlding

“I am so glad that I got referred to Shawn because through his Virtual Assistance program I got the help I needed. I have met Chitra who is my very own assistant and her kind manner, her attitude, and her work ethic is just totally refreshing. I have received lists from Chitra that I would never have been able to compile on my own and in just hours. I would recommend Shawn and Chitra to anyone who needs a job well done in quick time.”
-Marilyn Avient,
Author Speaker.

” These services were invaluable to our marketing efforts and contributed enormously to the success of our summer program launch this past year. LiveMore enabled us to focus less on administration and more on creative program and curriculum development, which was our goal. I highly recommend utilizing the LiveMore team to bolster business or personal work.”
-Sarah Apgar Smith ,
Director, Alpine Summer Term